Anti-routine tip: why not try new experiences in unusual places?

While some people limit themselves to the bedroom, dare to cross boundaries by trying sex in new and unusual places. Some places seem restrictive, but these few inconveniences make the practice even more subtle. So where can you try sex to break the sometimes fatal routine?

Sex in the car or in the lift?

What do you think about having sex in a car? The risk here depends on the car park you choose. Of course, you're not going to expose yourself in the city centre. You might as well go to a less crowded place. However, don't choose a corner that is too isolated for fear that the adrenaline won't flow. Also, stay away from places that your family or friends frequent. The fear of being caught out adds to the excitement of your lovemaking. Apart from the car, you can also be tempted to have sex in a lift. Here, the weightlessness and passion will make the ritual even hotter. Just remember to check that there are no cameras and don't forget to press the stop button. Be careful, though, because other people may take the same lift along the way.

Love in the toilet or in a canoe

Another intriguing place to try sex is in a restaurant toilet, where you can experiment with new positions. Although it may seem unethical, it is still one of the most exciting options for sexual experiences. Leaving your chairs empty for too long, however, will attract suspicion. Try this experiment by going to a restaurant as a couple. Of course, if you are going out with friends, they are bound to find out about you. This could ruin everything. In addition, you can also try making love in a canoe on a trip to the countryside. To succeed in this experiment, you need to accept the discomfort and have an excellent sense of balance. You need to remain agile to build up the excitement.

Sex at work

The all-consuming passion between colleagues sometimes leads them to have sex at work. If you need a passionate relationship and maximum adrenaline, the office is the best place to do it. But be careful not to get caught out, because it's easy to get fired in these cases. If you want to try it, wait at least until the evening when most of your colleagues leave. Also, make sure to check for cameras in the room.

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