Dirty talk: talking during sex to spice up your lovemaking!

What to say during sex? This is a common question. Learning the rules of conversation during sex can help you know the right words to say and those that are strictly forbidden. For example, making love is a way to…

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Swapping: why not take the plunge?

Swinging is a fairly common practice nowadays. Many couples practice it in order to spice up their sex life. However, some still hesitate for fear that it will harm the relationship. Well, this is not likely to happen if the…

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Cunnilingus: how to know your partner’s G-spot?

The G-spot was discovered by a German gynaecologist. It is a button that a woman’s partner must press to make her more existing. Scientifically, it is a circular part like the size of a euro coin in the female genitalia….

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How to make a sex tape without the risk of broadcasting?

Making a sex tape is a fantasy for many people. It can sometimes spice up lovemaking. As part of a moment of complicity between a couple, it brings a new perspective to the sexual life for those who dare to…

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Anti-routine tip: why not try new experiences in unusual places?

While some people limit themselves to the bedroom, dare to cross boundaries by trying sex in new and unusual places. Some places seem restrictive, but these few inconveniences make the practice even more subtle. So where can you try sex…

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Monotony: why not try virtual sex for two?

There are many reasons for two people to try virtual sex. You don’t have to be in the same room to have sex. Nowadays, various technological means can break the distance between two lovers. To have long-distance sex, you can…

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