How to make a sex tape without the risk of broadcasting?

Making a sex tape is a fantasy for many people. It can sometimes spice up lovemaking. As part of a moment of complicity between a couple, it brings a new perspective to the sexual life for those who dare to venture into it. But before getting carried away by this adventure, it is necessary to take precautions so as not to take the risks of its diffusion.

Agree from the start

No one is safe from an unpleasant surprise, even for couples who have been together for a long time. Besides, not everyone thinks in the same way. You have to make sure that one or the other of you does not leak the sex tape out of revenge or as a joke on the web. You have to make sure that the source is deleted after a break-up or at the slightest disagreement. Because at that moment, and especially with anger, the temptation to disclose the sex tape is great. So, to avoid falling into this trap, you have to agree and promise yourself even if you have to.

Girls with your own phone

Prefer your personal phone to take the video and photos. It is more secure than cameras or tablets that other people can access. Also, phones have codes that make the data more secure than any device. Avoid storing the sex tape in other places besides your mobile phone. A copy already creates a fairly high risk of dissemination.

Don't keep it too long

The sex tape is meant to be viewed by both partners and not by everyone else. Even if it was a very good and exciting video, you should not keep it for too long because of the risk of it being accidentally seen by other people. After a while, you should delete it and make sure there are no other copies anywhere. Sometimes, over time, vigilance decreases and the sex tape can sometimes be easily accessed by others. It is important to remember that the distribution of a sex tape brings humiliation and despair. That is why you have to be doubly careful before making one. Even if it is a very tempting adventure, always make sure that it is as safe as possible. If you have any doubts or bad feelings, delete the file directly, because if it ever gets out on the web, it will be very difficult to make up for it.

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