Monotony: why not try virtual sex for two?

There are many reasons for two people to try virtual sex. You don't have to be in the same room to have sex. Nowadays, various technological means can break the distance between two lovers. To have long-distance sex, you can send each other sexy or even naked pictures, exchange hot texts or messages, use video calls and enjoy watching each other masturbate for example. Couples who are holding on despite the distance can use these methods to stay close and to spice up the sex life a bit.

Sending sexy selfies

There are a few rules to follow when you exchange sexy photos as a couple. You must trust each other. Even if you send sexy pictures or even "nudes" as the kids used to say, it doesn't mean that you have to do pornography. So avoid getting completely naked. Wear panties, for example, even if you have your breasts in the air. Choose a better setting, good lighting and a discreet place when you have virtual sex. Your bedroom will make the perfect setting. Avoid putting emojis on the pictures you send and wait for a response before sending more pictures.

Hot texting

Long-distance sex is also possible with hot texting, also known as sexting. As the name implies, sexting is the practice of sending messages to each other about sex. It's a good way to have virtual sex despite the distance between you. All you have to do is send hot messages to your partner's phone number. Also, don't limit yourself to texting, but you can use social networks to have an instant chat about sex. Find the right time to sext in peace at home, without the risk of being disturbed when you are having fun.

Use video calls

Nowadays, you can make video calls using new technology. You can then have a virtual contact, which is very beneficial. You will have the opportunity to use these technological means to have virtual sex. There's nothing like seeing your girlfriend in a garter belt holding her vibrator to masturbate in front of you instead of writing dirty messages. Just make sure your video calls are discreet.

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