Sexdoll silicone how to customize it to your taste?

The world has really evolved thanks to science and technology. Many inventions have been created by humans, among them sexdolls. These are dolls that look like real people in life size. These dolls can be personalised according to the buyer's taste.

What is a sex doll?

Sex dolls are realistic dolls that look exactly like humans. The resemblance ranges from full body to anatomically correct. They are made of different materials such as silicone, rubber and many others. Made for sexual use, they have penetrable openings such as the mouth, vagina and anus. The parts that are intended for sexual penetration are removable for easy cleaning. Being designed for sexual functions, these silicone sexdolls are not necessarily used for sexual purposes. Some people use them as a partner in artificial love and others as photo models.

Why buy and use a sexdoll?

There are people who buy silicone sexdolls not only to satisfy their sexual desire, but also to fill the void in their lives. Moreover, every consumer has the right to personalise his or her doll. Sex dolls are dolls designed for single men/women who are lonely. They can also be aimed at married men who are away from their spouse, married men whose wives are not sexually active due to illness or disability. The sexdoll is generally very realistic, with soft and firm skin, soft lips, and bouncy and soft breasts that belong to the breasts of a real woman.

How to personalise your sex doll?

It is currently possible to personalise your doll and make it look like your ideal woman. Thanks to this customisation, sex dolls are all unique models. Several customizations of the doll are now possible in order to provide an accessory that meets the buyer's expectations. Firstly, there is the customisation of the look and the colour of the eyes, the colour of the skin and the hair (which are of course wigs). Next come the customisation of the nails (hands and feet) and finally the customisation of the vaginal hair. For this last step, the buyer can choose between a doll without pubic hair or without pubic hair, depending on his preferences.

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