Sex role-playing: a great way to get out of the routine and fulfil your wildest fantasies!

The world of sexual role-play, sexual fantasies and toys will send you on an exciting journey that will enrich your intimate life. It will prove to you that you don't need to be ashamed of your desires, tell you how to please your beloved, and help you to fulfil all the secret desires.

What is the best way to start?

Talking about your desires to your partner is not so easy and the idea of dressing in a sexy maid's outfit makes you laugh more than arouse. For the first time, the presence of constraints and embarrassment is a plus. You can overcome the awkwardness by discussing your fantasies with your partner. Just choose the right atmosphere: candles, wine, dinner, kisses on the neck. It's time to share your passionate desires. The bedroom is the place where there are no rules. You create them, define them and overrule them yourself. You're not standing in an erotic costume in a crowded area, you're standing in your bedroom, so play the part to get out of the routine.

A few simple rules to keep things running smoothly

Think of anxiety as the highlight of the next game. There should be surprise and intrigue in the game. Now you are crossing the line, reaching a new level. An inappropriate joke can ruin the experience forever. Discuss the rules in advance. During the game, it is best not to change the powers. And of course, discuss in advance which actions will be unpleasant for you. Sex role-playing is not just part of the sex itself, but a whole wonderful world of fun, a way of getting to know you and your partner on the other side, to make foreplay unusual and exciting.

Preparation and role selection

Initially, thinking everything through is a sign of calm and self-confidence. You must first decide on the dynamics of the game. The most popular is, of course, submission and domination. A sexy nurse ordering the patient to drop his trousers, or a passionate rapist pressing the girl against the wall and covering her mouth with his hand. A less popular, but also very interesting, dynamic of the game is that of the rescued and the rescuer. A fireman who pulls a girl out of a burning house or a policeman who convincingly asks you to pay a fine in kind. If you can't decide on your role, think about what you are most passionate about, what you want to feel, what your fantasies are.

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