Swapping: why not take the plunge?

Swinging is a fairly common practice nowadays. Many couples practice it in order to spice up their sex life. However, some still hesitate for fear that it will harm the relationship. Well, this is not likely to happen if the couple shares the same desires and understand each other. Do you want to take the plunge? Find out what swinging really means.

What is swinging?

Swinging, as its name suggests, consists in exchanging partners. It requires the presence of two couples for the game to take place. The man will therefore have a sexual relationship with the other man's wife, and his wife with the other man. It should be noted that this is done with the consent of each participant. It is therefore a question of a common desire and not only that of the other.

Does it harm the couple's relationship?

Swinging is done with the consent of each person. Note that jealousy has no place in libertarianism. It is important for a couple to communicate and talk about each other's fantasies. This is usually where the idea of libertarianism surfaces. Indeed, sex has nothing to do with feelings, it is said. Libertarianism is therefore purely sexual. At the sentimental level, the couple always remains united. There is no deception in swinging, no lying. Everything must be done as a couple. It should be noted that each couple has its reasons for trying this experience. But everything must be clear before starting it to avoid misunderstandings.

Where can I find other couples to practice swinging?

It is much easier to find sexual partners nowadays. There are swingers' clubs in almost every city. You can also do your research on the Internet and choose the club that suits you. You just have to type in the right keywords. Generally, swingers who go to swinger meetings for the first time are there just to observe. It is at the second session that they participate. This observation phase allows both partners to affirm their desire to swing. A session starts with music, dance, games of looks between couples to make the choice or lesbian practices. Couples who are interested in each other start a discussion and let themselves be carried away by the feeling. No matter how many couples are in the room, everything is done without embarrassment, but with mutual respect. Also, the meeting will be done in the greatest discretion.

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