Why not blindfold yourself: not seeing anything increases the sensations tenfold!

To increase your sexual pleasure, you can turn to naughty games like blindfolding. This option aims to surprise your partner and increase her desire. You can do this during foreplay to avoid routine. However, don't hesitate to use various accessories to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to spice up your sex with the blindfold?

If you want to perform sex games, you can turn to blindfolding. You can do this during foreplay. This is intended to vary your introductions to sex. Don't hesitate to offer your partner to cover her eyes with a silk blindfold. This way, all you have to do is take charge. You can use accessories such as a body massager, a small external vibrator to get rid of any tension in her body. Don't forget the small romantic and sensual gestures. You can roll strawberries with ice cubes with your tongue over her curves.

Why blindfold yourself during sex?

If you want to spice up your lovemaking, you'd better blindfold your partner. This is a naughty option that will allow you to discover the delights that your senses can provide. In this way, you will be able to taste the joys of abandoning yourself to enjoy the pleasure with your eyes closed. You will enjoy ecstasies as far as the eye can see. By opting for this initiative, you have the opportunity to surprise her with gifts. At the same time, you can introduce her to erotic techniques such as sensual massage, pegging, G-spot stimulation, etc. You can surprise her by leading her down a new path of pleasure.

What you need to know about blindfolded sensations

By blindfolding your partner, you can perform various sexual games. You can play jailer and prisoner scenarios. By choosing this solution, your senses will be multiplied. Indeed, when you deprive one sense, the others will exacerbate. In this way, you will experience a unique sensation. The soft resonance of the breath and the caress will invade and give your skin a tingle. Moreover, you will not know where the next caress will come from. So your body will be more receptive to the pleasure and will remain in a delicious tension.

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