How do I choose the size of my doll’s breasts?

Science and technology have found a way to help the love-starved and lonely by making sex dolls. Realistic dolls that take the shape of a woman. They are now customizable to the taste of each buyer.

What is a sex doll?

A sex doll is a sex doll that takes the appearance of a real person. There are several types of dolls, such as those made of silicone and those that are inflatable. The silicone doll looks like a real woman, especially with its soft skin, full lips and bouncing breasts. Since it was made to satisfy sexual desires, it contains penetrable openings such as the vagina, anus and mouth. At the moment, it has become possible to personalise your doll. The customisable body parts are: eyes, skin colour, hair colour, breast shape and size, nail colour and vaginal hair. This type of doll is answered in the world.

Where can I find this type of doll?

This type of doll is mostly sold online and delivered worldwide. There are several sites that sell sex dolls. Sex-Dolls-Europe for example, or other sites, show catalogues that are updated with each new product. You can find several models of dolls in the catalogues. The prices are listed on each model. How to find these online sites? Nothing could be easier, just search on google and it will display several sites. The buyer just has to choose the shop that suits him, choose among the available models and register his order. To buy a custom doll, it is recommended to order from a factory.

How can I customise the size of my doll's breasts?

It is possible to customise the size of the doll's breasts, for this the customer must know the different types of female breast sizes. They are measured with a tape measure. There are two parts to be measured: the bust size, which is measured just above the chest, and the bust size, which is measured at the nipple tips. The sizes are named by the letters of the alphabet and are: A cup, B cup, C cup, D cup, E cup and F cup. Once the customer has chosen their preferred breast size, they simply send these details when ordering.

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