How to Be an Escort’s Favorite Client


An escort girl is a pretty and attractive woman who comes to the rescue of lonely men. She follows the person who meets her to restaurants, parties, bars, etc. She will exchange a friendly moment with him, which often ends in an affectionate relationship. She will exchange a friendly moment with him, which often ends in a loving relationship. So what do you have to do to become an escort's favourite client?

Be attentive to her

No matter where you find her, you have to look for her. Does she have a website, is she an online escort, does she have long running ads, does she post reviews? Type her name into the Google search bar along with her phone number and email before you decide to contact her. Respect her and treat her like a lady. You have no reason to be intimidated, but you have no reason to feel superior. Do not feel the need to impress her on the sex side. Although it is brave and adorable of you, her role is to please you. Don't force yourself to make your lovemaking take longer, as you may not be able to come, which will be the opposite of the result you hope for. You have the right to take care of her if you want to, but try not to put pressure on yourself. Also try to understand her preferences without asking. Not all women like naughty things after sex. Some women actually enjoy it. Follow if you are looking for an escort.

Be discreet

Never think of talking about money and sex acts to your geneva escort. For your safety, if it is a sting, they will try to get you to confess why you are there. If in doubt, kiss the girl or ask her to relieve herself. If she is comfortable, that's a good thing. Don't offer her money directly, put it somewhere she will be able to find it, or where she has asked you to put it. If you need to make a reference at any time, consider it a gift. Remember to wait until she offers to screen you for her insurance, be polite and give any information she asks for. You should also be on time and let her know if you are going to be late. Unless you change the time in advance, be prepared to pay back the time you missed. If your 2-hour appointment was supposed to start at 8am and you arrived at 8.15am, always leave at 10am. Respect her schedule and don't waste a minute. Even if she enjoyed the time with you, it is annoying and disruptive to stay too long. However, if you want to spend more time with her, ask, and if she agrees, be prepared to pay the previously disputed rate.

Be fair and respect conventions

If you have to leave right afterwards, leave. BemyGirl won't be offended and she won't hold it against you. Whether work is calling or you're just not in the mood for cuddles and chit-chat, do things your way. She'll accept the momentary downtime. If you have real chemistry and affection, or if you just prefer companionship and distance in real life, in that case stay until the date is over. She will accept all your decisions. Don't forget to tip her whether it's 30 euros or 300 euros. The tip lets your escort know that you enjoy her company. This is very useful if you want to continue seeing her. Do not hesitate to ask her if she would like to be examined. If she agrees, do so. If you have just had a long, tiring day, shower before you start anything with her.

Be considerate by giving her gifts

Give your escort a gift or bring her some wine. Escorts love this and you are making a good first impression on her. The wine will help you both relax and get comfortable. It will help you stir the magic for an hour or two. You can ask her questions about what she likes. If you want to bring a gift, gift certificates are always a good value from different shops, preferably women's shops. If you know her well, you can give her personalised gifts such as jewellery, perfume or lingerie. You'll get extra points if you take her out to dinner on her regular time to pay. If you enjoy her company and your situation allows it, now is the time to make her feel special. However, remember that she is doing her job and never offer to see her for free. This is the limit that each of you must respect.

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